Final Heaven

The tavern that has it all!
'Come get a little slice of Heaven~'

🎃Spooky performance night by: CAST on 10/30 🎃

Location of the event is
[Goblin]-Lav Beds-Ward 22-Plot 57

Doors open at 9pm CST

Check out the halloween tab for our special menu!

About the venue

Final Heaven is a Tavern run by the Sunset Ravens mercenary guild.
Need a drink, fine entertainment, like to play Triple Triad or just want some company? Stop on by during our open hours:
Fridays 9pm-12am CST

Our Location:
[Balmung] The Goblet, Ward 20, Plot 3

Perhaps you need a little extra muscle for that monster hunt? Or maybe you are in need of a body guard or two? Speak to one of our Merc organizers about hiring some help! Rates depend on the job specifics. You get to choose the hired gun, or we assign one to you. (No actual gil is exchanged for this.)

Need a place for your private party? You can rent out our Tavern! We will provide the staff should you wish, or you can bring in your own!
We can also modify a few of the private rooms for your own use.
Please give a week's notice before the date you need it.
(This reservation is dealt with in Gil, 500k to buy out the night. Price includes the staff if you wish to use them. Price is negotiable.)

If you like what you see- our designer is open for house/room commissions! Speak with Isaac Devorak or another member of staff for more info.

Drink Menu

Pricing: 2,000 Gil a cocktail
1,500 for non-alcoholic drinks

Off Site Drinks

Food Menu

Pricing: 1,500 gil a dish

Meet the Staff

Who is that teenager running around in the bar? Isnt this place 21+? That would be Q'nhalki! She is the guild's adopted child! Dont worry, she only gets the Good Catte.

Want to join us?

Would you like to perform at our venue? Work along side us as staff, or perhaps join the FC?

Please fill out this google docs form and we will get back to you as soon as we can! If you would like this process to go faster, let one of us know that you submitted the form- we will look at it right then for you! If this interests you, we look forward to having you with us!

Application Form

Discord Channel

This is our open discord channel where you can speak with other regulars and our staff when the bar is closed. IC and OOC channels, special announcements and more!

Channel Link


Video Game Glamour 9/25
1- Leona Weissheit (Kite- //.hack)
2- Garinn Armstrong (Ezio- Assassins Creed)
3- Leona Weissheit (Golbez- FFIV)

All Saints Wake Bash 10/23
Single Winners
1- Jean Mol as Sexy Nidhogg!
2- Livia Crane as Naruto!
Group Winners
1- Garinn Armstrong and Sikona Dhas as Jack and Sally!
2- Barcode and THE GIRLS! as The Powerpuff Girls!

Join our discord to see more screenshots!


Drinks and Treats- 2,000 Gil Each
All gil goes to help pay the staff and upgrade the tavern. Thank you <3